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Changing Characteristics
Apr 12, 2018

Changing Characteristics

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you have to go back and change things after you’ve gone several miles down the road.  Characteristics can be one of those things. I have a tendency to create characteristics as simply as possible.  I make them CHAR unless there’s a real reason not to.  I only make them as long as the longest value I currently have...

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Jan 05, 2018

Characteristic Simplicity

Characteristics are one of the fundamental building blocks of Variant Configuration.  As building blocks they have to interact with all the other objects in the system; classes, materials, tables, and dependencies.  In creating them it’s always best to make them as simple as possible (but no simpler).  This gives them a flexibility that can be exploited throughout the model.

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May 31, 2016

Scalability -- Preventing and Mitigating Problems in Complex SAP Models

“A man’s got to recognize his limitations” – Dirty Harry "All limits are self-imposed” – Icarus Scalability is the ability of a model to grow in size and complexity, using the same design, without sacrificing efficiency.   It is...

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The 3 Pronged Strategy for Designing a Model in VC
Dec 17, 2015

The 3 Pronged Strategy for Designing a Model in VC

In designing a model in Variant Configuration, there are 3 main questions and 100 smaller ones that you should ask yourself every time to help build the best model for the situation.  Check out our Infographic to see examples of these questions and tips on how to avoid future struggle and...

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Feb 15, 2013

Designing VC Models with Maintenance in Mind

Life will be easier in 6 months ... In designing a model in Variant Configuration there are a hundred small decisions to make about how to structure the data and logic to make the darn thing work. Do I use tables or dependencies? Do I want a few long dependencies, or many short...

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