Kingspan has a long tradition of leadership and innovation, playing a key role in the evolution of the global insulated building envelope industry.
Worldwide leader in Pumps and Systems Implements Global Commerce and CRM on Microsoft Dynamics with Configure, Price, Quote and Order Integration. eLogic partnered with PSG from Strategy though Implementation and Support. This is a comprehensive and seamless industrial machinery solution that supports sales and integrates directly to plant operations.
Worldwide Deployment of SAP ERP for Complex IEM Products and Services. Gardner Denver is a leading, global provider of high-quality industrial equipment, technologies and services to a broad and diverse customer base through a family of highly recognized brands. The company has 36 manufacturing facilities located in the Americas, EMEA, and Asia Pacific with offices in 33 different countries.
Re-imagine Productivity for Manufacturers in a "Mobile-First, Cloud-First" World.

Watch the video below to see why Kennametal partnered with eLogic and Microsoft Dynamics 365 to service growing customer demand.

Company Name Kingspan
Industry Manufacturing


Very complex configuration, pricing, quoting, and manufacturing business requirements (architectural products) that pushed the envelope of SAP ERP native functionality. Kingspan had received conventional advice from another vendor and had embarked upon an oversimplified design approach that ran into insurmountable performance and usability problems one year into the project.

Specific Design Challenges:

  • Modeling and navigating through a very large array (> 4000) of product characteristics
  • Summing of cutlist features & dimensions with a means to estimate totals prior to providing cutlist details
  • Working with fractional and decimal inches
  • Variant pricing that applies to all panel configurations within a sales document
  • Delivery and invoicing of panels by bundle
  • Splitting and joining of bundles for delivery

eLogic Role

Kingspan originally asked eLogic to help resolve issues encountered with the original design which used very large single-level VC models that were very difficult to build, test, use, and maintain.  eLogic quickly determined that the original design could never reliably scale to meet the business requirements and then made the controversial recommendation to abandon that design in favor of an innovative multi-level model that extensively leveraged advanced SAP VC functionality.  eLogic took the lead to implement this new VC design as well as related functional integration designs that had been deferred until the VC implementation was back on track.


eLogic met with the Kingspan business leaders to fully understand the many nuances of their configuration process.  Distinctions were quickly made between sales configuration (which is comprised of 1-to-n cutlist specifications) and manufacturing configuration (which generally applies to all of the panels in a configuration).  eLogic then designed different configurable BOM structures for sales and manufacturing with the root level panel configurable material in common.  This was the design breakthrough that enabled tremendous simplification and modularity.  eLogic then met with the Kingspan IT team to determine what existing VC modeling (primarily the manufacturing configuration) could be salvaged.  Throughout the rest of the implementation, eLogic continually encountered additional and specialized functional requirements.  Each requirement was analyzed, a design was proposed and explained to the business, and then the solution was implemented.

Outcome & Results

eLogic's new design is scalable, high performance, and dramatically simplified.  In addition, many challenges that were not addressed in the original design (like handling of fractional inch dimensions, lump sum and order specific feature pricing, user guidance, and mass configuration data import and export) were addressed in eLogic's new design.  Users overwhelmingly liked the new solution better than their legacy system.

Specific Results:

  • Modeling is far less dependent on ABAP code for routine maintenance
  • Characteristics no longer enumerated, thus going from 4000+ to approximately 100 per configurable material
  • Dependencies were reduced, in some cases, up to 100 times smaller
  • Performance increases of at least 10-100 times
  • Powerful new capabilities beyond what the legacy solution offered

The eLogic Difference

eLogic had the expertise to quickly recognize that the original design would never work and recommended changes before further time and money were expended. All of eLogic’s deep VC experience was used to quickly develop an advanced, new design that leveraged as much of the original modeling as practical. eLogic led the implementation of the new design and delivered as planned with all business requirements addressed.

10x - 100x
Performance Increases
4,000 to 100
Reduction in characteristics per configurable material
Dependency Reduction
Company Name Dover Corporation, Pump Solutions Group (PSG)
Industry Manufacturing

Dover PSG Background

Dover Corporation is a diversified global manufacturer with annual revenues of $8 billion. The company delivers a broad range of innovative equipment, specialty systems, and aftermarket parts and services for Energy, Engineered Systems, Fluids and Refrigeration & Food Equipment. Dover's Pump Solutions Group (PSG) is the global leader in positive displacement pumps and related technologies. PSG is a fully integrated company with worldwide scale, global sales and distribution and a strong growth profile.

Business Challenge

Faced with the integration of several acquisitions and plans for future growth, PSG needed a full-function global commerce platform for its direct and indirect sales channels. Key needs included the ability for all sales channels to have a single access portal for self-service product search, sizing/selection, configuration, pricing, quoting and ordering. This commerce platform needed to connect to the company's numerous ERP systems for order entry and status.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM was selected as the backbone of this new commerce platform due to its core functionality and ease of extension to PSG's specialized needs as a complex, mixed-mode manufacturer. It provided a 'one-stop shop' common environment for both direct and indirect sales channels. The solution is very advanced in its ability to seamlessly enable the sales force to search for, size, select, configure, price, quote and order PSG's broad range of highly specialized and engineered products. All of the sales transactions are integrated to PSG's enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems; and feed PSG's internal business intelligence and analytics systems. In total, this is a complete platform for PSG to conduct global commerce through a worldwide sales force creating demand for multiple production and distribution facilities worldwide.

The solution seamlessly integrates a number of specialized software components within the CRM environment - these include specialized pump selection tools, sales configuration, sales channel product information access and self-service status and information retrieval. Only with Dynamics CRM could PSG integrate this new platform across global sales channels that encompass a very broad and deep network of direct and indirect sales representatives and organizations.

Executive Management Perspective

PSG Leadership initiated this new solution in order to ensure the company's efficient growth and avoid costly enterprise systems upgrades during a critical consolidation period. PSG created the vision for a single sales platform and sponsored this innovation across the entire organization. The results have enabled PSG to perform a number of key non-value added tasks without the process inefficiencies within the order stream. The company continues to expand the CRM platform into new business ventures and added capabilities.

Critical Success Factors

Top-Management Commitment and Sponsorship

This was a major business change that was initiated and driven by top-level executive management.

Technology Platform vs. Point-Solutions

By choosing Microsoft Dynamics CRM as the foundation for this comprehensive commerce and CRM solution, PSG avoided costly and risky integration of numerous point solutions and technologies.

Partner Domain Expertise

By leveraging the industry domain and solution expertise of a proven vertical-market partner, PSG was able to implement this success without the steep learning curve, inefficiencies, and common mistakes of less experienced partners.

Product Lines
Channel Partners
Commercial Portal
Integration to 5 ERP's
Company Name Gardner Denver
Industry Manufacturing


Enterprise wide deployment of Configure-To-Order and Engineer-To-Order functionality in SAP ERP across numerous implementations in North America and Europe.  Complex requirements have included configurator conversions from MAPICS and Siemens MLFB, global configurator design (Americas, Europe, Asia), characteristic based planning, and intercompany configuration of semi-finished products for final assembly at distribution center


Gardner Denver's solution includes assessment and strategy work, implementations of SAP Variant Configuration, Project Systems, and eCommerce with recent projects to introduce mobile quoting and configuration visualization.  Leading edge SAP VC solutions against complex requirements.  Gardner Denver leverages eLogic as a Trusted Advisor to consult on emerging technologies and applicability to Gardner Denver's marketplace. 

Outcome & Results

More than twenty projects successfully delivered.  Always on time -- six months or less on average.  Always within 5% of estimate.  Native SAP functionality optimally leveraged to a very large extent.  Best fit of solution to business needs and priorities.

Successful Projects Delivered
Variant Configuration
Company Name Kennametal
Industry Manufacturing & Material Science

Building from Kennametal's Enterprise SAP + commitment to Microsoft's Productivity Platform, eLogic linked the organization with Dynamics 365 for Sales (CRM Online) - Office 365 - Skype - Yammer - SharePoint - OneDrive - OneNote - Delve - Azure. 

Kennametal "adopted [their] communication portfolio as a way to provide 14,000 employees around the globe with information at their fingertips, whether in the conference room or on the factory floor".  Watch the video to hear from Kennametal why they chose Microsoft to service growing customer demand:

Kennametal "adopted [their] communication portfolio as a way to provide 14,000 employees around the globe with information at their fingertips, whether in the conference room or on the factory floor".  Watch the video to hear from Kennametal why they chose Microsoft to service growing customer demand:

A few services that Kennametal utilizes include:

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales: Automated sales process & reporting, 360 degree views of the customer, real-time collaboration
  • Microsoft SharePoint Online: Intranet share and engage in problem-solving and brainstorming sessions
  • Microsoft Exchange Online: Integrated messaging and calendar capabilities
  • OneDrive for Business: Stores engineering specifications and performance reviews
  • Microsoft Office Online: Access to documents, anywhere at anytime
  • Microsoft Lync Online/Enterprise Voice: Instant messaging, audio conferencing, video conferencing
  • Yammer: Enterprise social network for employees
  • SAP Integration: Seamless integration across SAP ERP, Microsoft, and CPQ

    "We didn't have one need...we had a hundred. One single system wasn't going to cut it. We needed a comprehensive ecosystem that worked together seamlessly. The Microsoft platform provided a complete solution, setting the stage for comprehensive customer engagement."
    - Steve Hanna, CIO | Kennametal
    "eLogic didnt simply implement our software, they created fans within Kennametal...this doesn't happen without consumption and's about driving true adoption and bringing solutions to life."
    - Judson Althoff, President of Microsoft North America
    Adoption of Solutions
    Productivity Platform
    CRM Online
    Microsoft Dynamics 365
    Integration to CRM + CPQ

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