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Your Industry is Our Focus

Your needs vary based on business goals, legacy solutions, budget constraints, and urgency, so we deliver results-oriented programs based on 350+ proven industry-specific best practices to support your Digital TransformationWe are MFG Industry Specialists, focused 100% on Manufacturing Vertical Markets. 

Industrial Machinery

Industrial Machinery

Your industry has specialized needs; we offer a complete set of solutions that cover the full-range of commerce and Customer Engagement needs – from Opportunity to the final step in the Service life-cycle.  No one provides commerce solutions better for IEM.  eLogic was literally born in the Industrial Machinery industry -- our founders have extensive backgrounds in process equipment for a full-range of end-use markets.

High Tech

High Tech

Don't leave your high tech commerce solutions to chance.  Our high-tech pedigree includes some of the most challenging manufacturing and distribution solutions in the industry. Over 17 years of specialization in technical and engineered products solutions has positioned eLogic as the best source for commerce and customer engagement solutions. We succeed where the generalists fall short. 

Medical Devices + Technology

Medical Devices + Technology

You need the ability to offer a knowledge-based, guided selling solution for even the most complex medical products and systems. From full operating rooms to highly specialized devices for hospital and health care delivery, you have complex problems, and we know how to solve them. Why start the journey to excellent, seamless commerce with a company that is unproven in your industry? 

Process Industries

Process Industries

Lead your market with end-to-end commerce capabilities. From Market Planning, Account Management, Customer Care and ERP integration – you need to handle complex sales channels and customer service.  We offer a ‘one-stop-shop’ for Food and Beverage companies and similar process manufacturers with high performance solutions.



You Specialize in Water Industry get specialized responses to your Customer Engagement needs. Why not find out what a complete, simplified solution looks like? Pre-built specifically for capital equipment + process machinery manufacturing.

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Delivery Models to Meet Your Needs

Three starting points to enable you to fit into the one that is best for you, tuned to your specific needs.  There is no single ‘cookie cutter’ approach for Digital Transformation.

Turnkey, Rapid

We get it. Sometimes you need a quick-start, packaged solution to get your CRM and Commerce rolling fast. That’s why we’ve packaged industry best practices to deliver results within FOUR WEEKS. Depending on your commerce needs, our turnkey solutions cover the entire landscape:

With over 300 customer implementations we’ve learned that sometimes the hardest obstacle to overcome is GETTING STARTED. That’s why we developed quick-start programs for every commerce and CRM need. You don’t have to wait. Results may be right around the corner, no matter whether you are a global industry-leader or a startup business.

Modular Integrated

When your business faces more complex problems than a pre-packaged product solution can fully address, we offer a menu of modular solutions that leverage your existing platforms and are tailored not only to your industry needs, but to YOUR business environment. Whether you want to build on your CRM system with Marketing Automation and Customer Service Management, increase your ability to analyze data with Business Analytics, or add Project Systems or Variant Configuration to your SAP solution, take a look at how eLogic can take your business’s to the next level. See the solutions that drive productivity, responsiveness, growth, and profitability. We guarantee results.

Enterprise Strategic

You are a global market leader with your products. Now it’s time to make the shift to become truly seamless, customer and market driven with endless reach and capabilities.

How does seamless commerce sound? We know it isn’t the same for everyone, and it takes more than a single product or platform to get you there. That’s why we have stayed true to the needs of manufacturers from day-one at eLogic. It’s the only way to offer proven, industry leading solutions to our customers. How do we know? Nobody has more direct industry benchmarks, proven ‘next practices’ and competitive insight. You are unbeatable in companies with the most complex product and channel needs – when you need to handle demand that ranges from standard, configured and engineered products in multiple markets.

Start the journey with us – we begin with a proven proprietary PLAYBOOK as a fact-based launch point; and we follow it with you until you are fully in control of your industry-leading competitive advantage.

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