for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service

A Complete Field Service Solution
in One-Third the Time & Cost

equipment360™ addresses years of industry needs, preconfigured with the most critical Field Service features for equipment service providers, offering a complete field service solution in as little as 4 months, and for a much lower cost.

equipment360™ leverages all the industry-leading features and functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service with enhancements that address the most pressing and common challenges of equipment service providers. equipment360™ gives you what you need most in a Field Service solution, including equipment digital twin, workforce management, a total mobile experience with offline sync, a centralized view of customer and equipment activity, all of which will facilitate increased response time and productivity with efficient and enjoyable customer experiences.


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Deep Dive

Through many years working in and with the service industry, we see numerous persistent challenges we’re addressing with equipment360™. Service providers are struggling with aging software or paper systems that don’t provide insights to leadership through analytics. Some companies have outdated or non-existent performance goals because they lack a method of collecting and tracking data or don’t know which data they should be tracking. Techs are inefficiently dispatched, or scheduling systems don’t fully leverage their abilities. Techs lack visibility to customer and equipment identity and history, often unaware of prior interactions.

Key Industry Features and Benefits

  • Simplified equipment data access to inform warranty claim assessments, retrofit and revision needs, recalls, and more.  
  • Ensure equipment serial numbers are captured, accurate, and compatible with the components being installed using the mobile app with QR and bar code scanning. 
  • Track installation and removal details for major components within and across equipment for critical visibility into predicted time to failure and remaining useful life. 
  • Mobile enablement with offline sync for real-time, accurate capture of key activities.
  • Enable Field Service representatives to do more than just perform installations, repairs, maintenance, and inspections. We streamline technician access to features like Opportunity Alerts, Quotes, Purchase Orders, and Inventory Management by making them easily accessible from the mobile app. This total mobile experience allows them instant access to these tools they often must enter on separate devices at a later time. 
  • Improve customer experience and save time with digital Service and Inspection reports generated when work is complete, including a digital signature, replacing manual processes from spreadsheets and paper copies.   
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys with automated Survey distribution via email upon closure of Case and Work Order.
  • Power BI Analytics Package with operational and performance dashboards measuring the most prevalent industry KPIs. 

Additional Available Extensions

  • ERP integrations, including pre-built SAP connectors.
  • Limited Authorized Service Provider access and experience through Mobile and Portal.

Already Have Microsoft Dynamics Field Service?

Additional enhancements are available to get real-time 360⁰ views into equipment performance and maintenance to support advanced service operations and predictive analytics.   

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Benefit Drivers Enabling Your Digital Transformation

Engage your Customers

Provide transparency into equipment performance & increase customer satisfaction with predictive maintenance.

Empower your Employees

Ensure your service techs are fully equipped to deliver a first-time fix & identify new opportunities.

Optimize your Operations

Reduce equipment downtime and costs with proactive alerts from connected devices and dispatch technicians only when needed.

Transform your Products

Evolve service offerings with insights gained from remote monitoring & machine learning.


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