Benefits of hybris for Manufacturers
hybris Readiness Assessment
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Benefits of hybris for Manufacturers

Extend your offering of complex products & services with the best ever user experience from SAP through the ready-to-use integration to the Configure Price Quote solution.

hybris B2B Commerce tames complexity by consolidating management of multiple business models, channels and markets.  hybris enables B2B organizations to accommodate a wide variety of suppliers, distributors and stores on a single platform, while automating sales administration and maintaining the operational efficiency required to drive customer satisfaction and, ultimately, profits.

B2B Marketing and Sales

  • Provide B2B customers with a self-service capability to manage their organization and place orders
  • Support complex B2B pricing models and manage individually negotiated price lists.

Order Management and Omni-Channel Fulfillment

  • Empower end-users to buy within spend limits by using manual and/or automatic order approval
  • Enable efficient global fulfillment, partial delivery, multi-warehouse shipping, and returns management

Content and Catalog Management

  • Enrich product catalog information with technical descriptions, co-branding and customized promotions
  • Create individual shops for bigger B2B accounts, and micro-sites with integrated Web content management

hybris Readiness Assessment

eLogic can help you develop a hybris CPQ strategy and take you through each step toward your implementation.  We have a process that takes the guesswork out of this critically important initiative. 



You have questions, we have the know-how. We can show you real life demonstrations that are relevant to the way you do business and thus, lay out the groundwork for a successful transition.  Configuration: The cornerstone of hybris CPQ and our specialty. Looking for a straightforward answer on how much time? How many model conversions (to be IPC compliant)? What models can I reuse vs. redo? We will give you a fixed price proposal to evaluate your readiness, which produces a separate fixed price proposal to perform any required model conversion tasks. 


After we address any IPC incompatibilities in your existing VC models, it is critical to ensure that any updated model returns the same outcomes as it did prior to the updates. We can reprocess actual historical configurations (from sales documents and material variants) to validate that our updates work as expected. The benefit is that you get a wide range of real world test cases without having to create them from scratch. 


When it’s time to move your updated models to your production system, you need to ensure these models we tested are identical to the ones in production. The ALE process can fail to accomplish this if certain data are not sent to, or properly received by, the production system. We inspect both systems and report all differences. This avoids the surprise of finding differences after go live or troubleshooting to try to find a "needle in the haystack".


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