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Get Actionable Insights for Sales and Service

Are you using your data to garner insights & drive the next best action for your Sales and Service teams?

Sales Excellence

Improve your forecasting, pipeline visibility, and ability to manage sales opportunities & activities with powerful visualizations. eLogic’s Sales Excellence package for Microsoft Dynamics 365 leverages real-time analytics to get the most critical opportunity, pipeline, and forecast views in front of your sales teams so they can optimize their team performance and hit your goals.  With Sales Excellence, you will gain visibility into key metrics + insights into how to drive improvements with:

  • Opportunity Pipeline & Forecast
  • Organizational Plan Performance
  • Sales Manager Dashboards    

Service Excellence

Your customers demand excellence from your service teams  & your equipment.  The eLogic Service Excellence package for Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables your Customer Service + Field Service teams to excel proactively & predictively to drive higher customer satisfaction and maximize product uptime.  Our Service Excellence dashboards measure 20 industry-critical KPIs, tailored for each of your key Service team members with metrics such as: geographies, work order type, and response time. Unleash the power of your service data to enhance product development cycles & optimize your service engine.

Predictive Analytics

Take your business to a whole new level with advanced analysis through the application of data science.  eLogic leverages Microsoft Azure Machine Learning (AML) to simplify data analysis and empower you to find the answers that your business needs.  We break every event into a series of questions to understand why it happened, what is going to happen next, and what you can do about it….and we answer those questions with your data to help you Identify trends & patterns, classify data structures, and predict outcomes. 

Predictive Analytics for Sales

eLogic uses Predictive Analytics with your Sales data to optimize your forecasting & pipeline management by allowing you to predict key sales values, classify opportunities, and define markets.  With our Predictive Analytics for Sales package, you can predict:

  • Probability of a lead getting qualified into an opportunity, of that opportunity progressing onto the next stage, and even of winning an opportunity
  • Estimated revenue of sales opportunities, and total estimated revenue for next quarter
  • Number of opportunities your sales team will win in the next quarter

Predictive Analytics for Service

eLogic uses Predictive Analytics with your Service data to optimize your maintenance management.  Our Predictive Analytics for Service package allows you to predict critical values around equipment remaining useful life and preventative maintenance, as well as incorporate key improvements into your product development cycle based on data capture and analysis.


How do you know that system is being leveraged by End-Users?  How can you ensure it is being used effectively? Understanding system adoption is arguably the primary means to realizing the full value of your technology investment. To help you derive the greatest benefit & return on your investment, eLogic has put together a set of key metrics + best practices in driving end-user adoption, built for use and ready to deploy through Microsoft Power BI. The eLogic Adoption & Impact toolkit is pre-built for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Service. We understand the need to monitor different behaviors, activities, and usage across entities within your Sales & Service teams. We understand that the definition of adoption evolves over time and our toolkit is built to grow and adapt to enhance the quality of use for your organization.  







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