Connecting Microsoft Dynamics 365 and SAP with SynApps™

Simple, Secure, Scalable

Many middleware vendors and implementers struggle to make this integration work well because they really understand only one side of the solution.  eLogic has unmatched expertise in both the Microsoft and SAP platforms, and fully leverages the most powerful capabilities of each.  With our 20+ years of integration experience, we take the guesswork and surprises out of requirements definition, data transformation, testing, and correction.  We know how to handle data model differences and commonly overlooked gaps to give you seamless integration and data usability. 

Integration Benefits Realized with SynApps™

  • Unprecedented Setup Speed + Faster Time to Market: Our cloud based solution and Rapid Results methodology means you are up and running in days rather than months.
  • Logic Apps mean that you can mix and match your data transformations as required, and easily trace your process step by step.
  • Logic Apps can also handle a multi-instance Dynamics 365 landscape by routing messages from SAP to the proper Dynamics 365 instance(s) based on specific criteria
  • Cloud integration built on an enterprise class Azure foundation with uptime of 99.9% thus essentially eliminating middleware downtime
  • Cloud integration lowers the time, cost, and technical skill required to integrate SAP and Dynamics 365.  It provides a single set of tools to orchestrate connections and transform data.
  • Quickly update data transformations in response to frequent Dynamics 365 service updates
  • Diagnose and reprocess failed IDOCs (inbound or outbound) using standard SAP transactions


SynApps™ is eLogic’s cloud based integration solution built upon Azure integration technologies featuring:

  • SAP & Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connectors 
  • Service Bus & Logic Apps
  • Security
  • Realtime or batch processing options
  • Fast setup & scalability
  • Improved traceability & reprocessing
  • Simplified mapping & maintenance

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Reliable integration is a key success factor in your implementation and how to get seamlessly communicated data across your systems.

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