Oracle CPQ Optimization & Upgrade

Integration to CRM and ERP | Quote Migration | Dynamic Pricing | Version Upgrades | IP built from 19 years of Oracle CPQ experience

Oracle CPQ Optimization
Oracle CPQ Version Upgrade
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Oracle CPQ Optimization

Optimize your Solution with our proven design approach that enables you to :

  • Reduce Configuration Rule writing by 75+%
  • Modify Product Structure with Zero impact on Configurator Rules
  • Mass Update Configuration Rules
  • Mass Update Configured Products on Quotes
  • Enable Region Based Pricing 
  • Manage the Specials Request and Approval Process
  • Migrate Quotes from legacy systems, including configured products

Oracle CPQ Version Upgrade

Leverage our proven upgrade approach to move to the latest version of Oracle CPQ.            

  • Skip the interim steps and jump right to the latest version
  • Proven Test Scripts & Use Case Scenarios
  • Data and Process Validation
  • Leverage new functionality for an Optimized Solution
  • Preserve Legacy Quotes even for multiple version upgrades 
  • Eliminate the upgrade risks by choosing eLogic -- with 19 years of Oracle CPQ experience, no one knows it better!

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