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July 27th, 2017
eLogic Recognized by Microsoft for Outstanding Performance in Manufacturing Sector; Achieves Prestigious 2017/2018 Inner Circle

eLogic is honored by Microsoft as a top performing partner for delivering high value solutions to their manufacturing customers, enabling Digital Transformation through Azure, IoT, and Dynamics 365.

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August 5th, 2016
Scott Stamper
Industry Solution Architect, Microsoft
5 KPIs to Drive CRM User Adoption & Success

If you can’t know whether or not key pieces of your CRM system are actually being used as expected, then how do you plan to reap the full benefits of your investment? Experience has shown us that one of the primary predictors of success in implementing a CRM system is USER ADOPTION.

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July 20th, 2016
eLogic Takes Top Partner Award for the U.S. at Microsoft WPC 2016

eLogic named The 2016 Worldwide Microsoft Dynamics Partner of the Year for the U.S. for their excellence in enabling manufacturers to perform + engage better with their customers, dedication to delivering business solutions on the latest technologies, staggeringly impressive customer satisfaction ratings, and sustained 60% multi-year over year growth. [Press Release]

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May 19th, 2016
Justine Nadherny
New Media Marketing Manager
How Dynamics CRM Online Enables Collaboration at all levels of your Organization

Online collaboration is the new benchmark for multi-channel, global selling in Manufacturing; are you ON?

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August 28th, 2015
eLogic Named Microsoft Dynamics CRM US Manufacturing 2015 Partner of the Year

Driven by top performance and industry-specific customer solutions for manufacturers, eLogic recognized by Microsoft as 2015 CRM Partner of the Year in Manufacturing.

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July 10th, 2015
Microsoft highlights eLogic’s industry-leading customer solution for global manufacturer, Kennametal

At Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC), eLogic showcases industry solution implemented for manufacturer Kennametal that reinvents productivity and business processes.

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May 20th, 2015
Mike Shields
CEO & Industry Strategist
The Challenges of Changing Demographics in Manufacturing – and the Role of Technology to Power the Next Generation: Infographic

Here’s a link to a great blog post by Steve Hanna, CIO of Kennametal. He presents an insightful role for technology to help bridge the widening gaps in workforce demographics within Manufacturing. This topic is very much ‘top of mind’ for ...

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May 11th, 2015
Infographic: 3 Key Technology Drivers for 100 Top Manufacturing CEOs

In Mike’s post following the 2015 Smart Manufacturing Summit, he reflects on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), CRM for Customer Engagement, and Service Lifecycle for Customer Care.  In this infographic, we reveal 3 of the most important techno...

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May 4th, 2015
Mike Shields
CEO & Industry Strategist
The Voice of the Customer on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and CRM

From the frontlines of Smart Manufacturing Summit with 100 CEOs I just came back from the Smart Manufacturing Summit, sponsored by the Chief Executive Network, in Indianapolis. This two-day annual conference was attended by the business executive leaders from 100 ...

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February 2nd, 2015
Mike Shields
CEO & Industry Strategist
CRM in Manufacturing – From the Frontlines of AHR Expo 2015

It’s still the early days and most companies have not realized the true potential of CRM for Manufacturers. A couple of co-workers and I just came back from the AHR Show in Chicago with some fresh realizations. The Headline? Despite growing market penetration, th...

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June 13th, 2014
Mike Shields
CEO & Industry Strategist
So Just What IS a CRM Platform and Why Does It Matter to YOU?

First of all, YES it matters to you if your organization: Has already implemented enterprise platforms for ERP and Office functions; Needs to move into the next generation of B2B Commerce – Digital Demand Creation; Considers end-to-end productivity, cycle ...

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