Dover PSG Background

Dover Corporation is a diversified global manufacturer with annual revenues of $8 billion. The company delivers a broad range of innovative equipment, specialty systems, and aftermarket parts and services for Energy, Engineered Systems, Fluids and Refrigeration & Food Equipment. Dover's Pump Solutions Group (PSG) is the global leader in positive displacement pumps and related technologies. PSG is a fully integrated company with worldwide scale, global sales and distribution and a strong growth profile.

Business Challenge

Faced with the integration of several acquisitions and plans for future growth, PSG needed a full-function global commerce platform for its direct and indirect sales channels. Key needs included the ability for all sales channels to have a single access portal for self-service product search, sizing/selection, configuration, pricing, quoting and ordering. This commerce platform needed to connect to the company's numerous ERP systems for order entry and status.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM was selected as the backbone of this new commerce platform due to its core functionality and ease of extension to PSG's specialized needs as a complex, mixed-mode manufacturer. It provided a 'one-stop shop' common environment for both direct and indirect sales channels. The solution is very advanced in its ability to seamlessly enable the sales force to search for, size, select, configure, price, quote and order PSG's broad range of highly specialized and engineered products. All of the sales transactions are integrated to PSG's enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems; and feed PSG's internal business intelligence and analytics systems. In total, this is a complete platform for PSG to conduct global commerce through a worldwide sales force creating demand for multiple production and distribution facilities worldwide.

The solution seamlessly integrates a number of specialized software components within the CRM environment - these include specialized pump selection tools, sales configuration, sales channel product information access and self-service status and information retrieval. Only with Dynamics CRM could PSG integrate this new platform across global sales channels that encompass a very broad and deep network of direct and indirect sales representatives and organizations.

Executive Management Perspective

PSG Leadership initiated this new solution in order to ensure the company's efficient growth and avoid costly enterprise systems upgrades during a critical consolidation period. PSG created the vision for a single sales platform and sponsored this innovation across the entire organization. The results have enabled PSG to perform a number of key non-value added tasks without the process inefficiencies within the order stream. The company continues to expand the CRM platform into new business ventures and added capabilities.

Critical Success Factors

Top-Management Commitment and Sponsorship

This was a major business change that was initiated and driven by top-level executive management.

Technology Platform vs. Point-Solutions

By choosing Microsoft Dynamics CRM as the foundation for this comprehensive commerce and CRM solution, PSG avoided costly and risky integration of numerous point solutions and technologies.

Partner Domain Expertise

By leveraging the industry domain and solution expertise of a proven vertical-market partner, PSG was able to implement this success without the steep learning curve, inefficiencies, and common mistakes of less experienced partners.