eBook: SAP VC to IPC Preview of "Delta List"

A preview into your path from Variant Configuration (VC) to Internet Pricing & Configurator (IPC) and Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ)


eBook Overview:

Leading companies are considering hybris CPQ for their next generation eCommerce solution.  Using existing VC models in hybris requires the IPC; however, before VC models can run in the IPC, certain changes may be necessary to make them IPC compatible according to the stated “delta list”. 

This eBook presents a preview into the most common incompatibilities encountered when updating models to be IPC compliant, how we help companies evaluate and convert their models, and tips to ensure a successful transition.

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Lawrence Matusek |eLogic Executive VP & CTO

Lawrence  explores challenges and benefits of implementing these systems the way they were designed to be implemented. Lawrence has been implementing packaged business systems (ERP, CRM, PLM, etc.) for nearly twenty years.




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