eBook: The Age of Customer Engagement

Knowledge Based Technologies, Differentiation, & Configuration


eBook Overview:

Today, Manufacturers live in a highly demanding environment where customers want products tailored to their needs and wants, and are willing to pay a premium for it. 

If an enterprise can accomplish customization with efficiency, differentiating themselves by offering more choices, more easily than their competitors, they will not only survive -- they will thrive.

Part I of our eBook series on Manufacturing in the Age of the Customer covers:

  • Why Knowledge-Based Technologies are Essential for Manufacturers to Thrive
  • Mixed Mode Demand for Differentiation
  • Best Practices Enablement

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About the Author:


Mike Shields|CEO & Industry Strategist

Since 1999, Mike has been CEO of eLogic, applying years of best practice organization, process and technology expertise to offer unique industry-specific customer solutions. Mike is a high-energy level professional equally capable at the strategy and implementation level, working with other executive teams to achieve ‘game-changer’ outcomes. He remains passionate about enabling manufacturers to become more competitive and profitable by removing waste from all demand-driven operations, and adopting high-yield commerce practices.


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