Engage Your Customers throughout the Entire Lifecycle

Increase your competitive advantage with...

Customer & Field Service: Total Service & Support

Empower your teams to engage with customers, channels, and partners at all stages of the equipment lifecycle.

Are you Easy To Do Business With?  Probably not.  At least that’s what we’ve seen from over 100 large-scale customers when they started the journey to commercial excellence.  Customer, Channel Partner, and Sales Team interactions are critical in owning the entire customer & equipment lifecycle. 


Business Intelligence 

Drive actionable decisions with smart analytics.  Empower your enterprise with insights, data stories, dashboards, and analytics by unleashing the full power of your data.

It’s amazing but true.  Most companies still tell us that they have more data than they can handle, but still can’t use it to drive quick, accurate actions to improve results.  We have a full-range of templates, dashboards, and views to get you started – and that’s where you can take over to reach your highest performance.  Business Analytics + Business Intelligence for the entire organization.


Predictive Analytics

Get 360 degree views into equipment sensors, smart analytics, and proactive triggers for SERVICE. 

Manage the entire equipment lifecycle with machine learning, sensor technologies, and predictive intelligence.  Own the aftermarket.


Knowledge Deployment

Bring the power of your experts to every opportunity with Guided Selling, Configuration, Pricing, and Quoting. Digitize, Manage, & Deploy. 

Knowledge IS Power.  Imagine if your experts were in the loop on EVERY key interaction with Sales, with Customers, and with Support Organizations… This is where our expertise with Guided Selling, Sales Configuration, and Customer Care knowledge systems delivers the full power of your experts – in the context of every key interaction.



Enable teams to work together securely, efficiently, quickly. Everywhere, all the time.  Share, Sync, Access, & Respond. 

Empowering Teamwork. We’re talking about facilitating the interactions between EVERYONE in the entire demand creation and customer engagement processes.  See what’s already available in the industry’s most powerful productivity platform from Microsoft… nobody does this better.

Systems Integration 

Leverage core platforms and connect high value-add applications to empower your enterprise, economically and efficiently.  Get a SEAMLESS experience. 

With all of the technologies coming at you these days, does it feel like it’s impossible to keep them harmonized?  It’s not.  With the right expertise to leverage your core enterprise platforms and master data – we can simplify and connect the key enabling technologies that you need.  Our Microsoft and SAP Center of Excellence bring ‘pre-built’ connections for the most common needs.


How do you stack up?

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