Customer Engagement Strategy Assessment & Roadmap

Trusted by more than 100 manufacturers to lead their transformation to best practices in Customer Engagement. Our proprietary best practices CE Strategy & Roadmap Playbook © puts our customers on the right path to competitive advantage – quickly and efficiently. Only eLogic offers these industry-specific benchmarks, fact-based prioritization of opportunities, and a value-based ROI Roadmap to Results. We bring the industry depth, objectivity, and proven approach that others can't.

Key Market & Customer Strategic Drivers

Mixed Mode Demand Model / eLogic

Every one of our customers has different strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities when it comes to customer engagement. eLogic’s proven model has helped countless companies to focus on what’s most important in their markets, channels, and customer base. This is the quickest and most cost-effective starting point for any Customer Engagement strategy -- within 6 weeks you can have a fact-based CE Strategy defined + launched. This Strategy involves our proprietary Mixed Mode Demand Model, which ensures that you create a high-impact commerce capability for every type of demand from standard to highly specialized products and services.

Best Practices GAP Analysis

Gap Analysis / eLogic

Know how you stack up against the best in your industry, and know your gaps before investing. Nobody has a more complete set of benchmarks and best practices. We’ve built ours over our entire history in more than 100 companies. We have defined the business practices, knowledge and data components, and the enabling technologies that are SPECIFIC to MANUFACTURERS. In total, we cover every Customer Engagement function and competency from earliest identification of prospects through the entire sales, service, and support life cycle. Our proprietary PLAYBOOK shapes every strategy engagement, to focus on YOUR GAPS and highest priority opportunities. We make sure you have the facts about your current state, then we explain each element and work with you to highlight those gaps that are limiting your Commerce Excellence and holding back your performance. We package these results in an easy to understand graphical map showing your most significant improvement needs vs. best practices.

Be Clear About Your Needs & Priorities

We make sure you understand your priorities – and have a clear view into the benefits of closing identified GAPS. This step in the PLAYBOOK sets the stage for a successful CE outcome by sharpening focus on the most critical needs, and building consensus around the expected benefits of change. This is a critical stage to focus on what is most important, and avoid the missteps and diversions we frequently encounter in ‘software-driven’ programs. We make sure to avoid the ‘feature-shopping’ projects that always fail to hit the key needs, and divert attention away from the real customer and ROI factors. By building consensus around your top needs with the highest potential to yield results, you have a much clearer picture for the subsequent process, data, and technology choices.

Alternatives Value Analysis

Value Analysis / eLogic

Many IT projects fail to deliver expected results; and this is especially true in the emerging technology world of Customer Engagement. Our PLAYBOOK Value Analysis has helped senior leaders to make well-informed decisions before investing in projects. Our most successful CE programs conduct this critical Economic Analysis up-front to drive high-ROI CE Programs. Our Playbook shows each project relative to its business impact and your ability to realize a positive outcome. It enables fact-based selection of all projects from quick-wins to medium/longer term game-changers. Since it’s not always as simple as picking a software package, that’s where our expertise earned in over 100 industry leading companies aligns your specific CE needs with the best process, data and technology solutions. It ensures that business needs are economically addressed to close the identified gaps; and steers you away from potentially risky solutions that haven’t done their homework on the real economics of change.

Implementation Roadmap

Customer Engagement Roadmap

The Journey To Customer Engagement and Commerce Excellence. The final stage in launching a successful CE transformation is a Roadmap from the starting point to the full realization of a competitive advantage capability. Like any good map, it lays out the full journey so that you can plan ahead and make progress every step of the way. The quick-wins and foundation projects build confidence and deliver benefits early in the program, and pay for subsequent investments.

Action Plan

Action Plan / eLogic

Every step of the Customer Engagement Strategy & Roadmap is designed to launch our customers on the journey to Customer Excellence. At this point you have: • Strategic Drivers - Clear view of Market, Customer, and Channel Commerce Needs • GAPS vs. Best Practices – Fact-based assessment of process, data, and tech GAPS • Prioritized Needs – View of the projects to address priorities • Value Analysis – Recommendations based on Impact and Ability to Realize • Roadmap – Actionable time-phased path to Customer Engagement Vision The final stage of this strategic exercise is to ensure that you are ready to launch the first steps toward realization. We make sure you have all of the key governance, methodology, vendor, and resource factors defined to deliver successful projects every step of the way.