Intelligent Business Solutions for Manufacturers

Specialized Tools. Innovative equipment. Life-saving medical devices. Military Aircraft. You make what the world needs.

We leverage decades of manufacturing experience, deep expertise in key technology platforms and problem-solving methods proven over hundreds of implementations to transform the way you engage customers and realize value throughout your product lifecycle.

Get Answers You Can Count On.

There’s no substitute for experience. We honed our strategies over decades of managing technology decisions, and business decisions, from the inside. We’ve guided hundreds of implementations and transformations. That means we can be extremely prescriptive, and you benefit from real solutions that work.

Proven Platforms & Processes.

You rely on technology to drive your operations. We believe in pushing those platforms for all the value they can deliver. That means creating seamless connections, implementing best practices, optimizing analytical tools, and assuring adoption. The result: measurable ROI—and a trusted partnership to help you get there. 

Scale with

eLogic empowers our customers to scale by the metrics that matters—growth, performance, achievement, efficiency. Our business processes, solution architecture, change management, governance and support models flex to support implementation at a local, regional, or global level. 

Move To Adoption Quickly.

We leverage iterative methods to progressively perfect through deployment, adoption, and usage. With proven models for change management, your whole team stays focused on what’s important, actionable, and attainable. The benefits: Lower risk. Shorter time to value. Reduced TCO.

Where We Excel

Our focus is 100% on Manufacturers. Our experience runs deep in several specific areas --
Capital Equipment & Industrial Manufacturing, Health & Sciences, Aerospace & Defense, and High Tech Manufacturing.  Optimize your go-to-market strategies & channel structure. Maintain regulatory compliance in a complex global environment.  Meet & exceed stringent industry standards.

Industrial Manufacturing

Your industry has specialized needs. We understand the challenges you face, and offer a complete set of commerce and Customer Engagement solutions covering everything from Opportunity to the final step in the Service life-cycle. eLogic was literally born in the Industrial Machinery industry -- our founders have extensive backgrounds in process equipment for a full range of end-use markets. No one provides commerce solutions better for IEM. And no one is more committed to realizing the full value of your customers relationships.

Health & Science

Health tech devices are a fast-growing opportunity filled with complexities – PII and privacy concerns, platform integration, plus regulatory and compliance issues in multiple markets. We helped one health-tech manufacturer automate and expedite complaints and recalls with 100% product traceability. Similar thinking could help you manage regulatory and statutory reporting, as well customer portals/knowledge bases. When it comes to the technology behind health and science manufacturing, we provide detailed guidance and support for all your customer interactions, to ensure consistently exceptional experiences.

Aerospace & Defense

Looking for a secure Government Community Cloud service that meets FEDRAMP 4 standards? That included maintaining ITAR compliance, managing international regulations, such as data and product compartmentalization. We support complex bid structure and proposals, including managing “coopetition.” Our team has the federal procurement expertise to integrate with specialized government and DOD information systems and public sector tools. We can leverage pre-built DOD systems solutions for product and service management.

High Tech Manufacturing

Our High Tech customer list includes the leaders in the chip and device manufacturing sector. For years we’ve been facilitating modernization in these super-specialized and complex manufacturing environments that support the smart device and IoT enabled products sector. We offer the insights and simplification capabilities needed to scale operations and respond to rapid advancements in product configuration, Aftermarket support, customer service and ongoing quality management.



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