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There are three common configuration designs for manufacturers, and they’re critical to getting started down the path of variant configuration.

In this presentation, Rick Servello walks you through the best practices for selecting a configuration structure, their characteristics, how complex they can and should be, class hierarchies, and capturing special requirements for Engineer-to-order (ETO) products.

Top Takeaways from the Presentation:

  • Model structures – looking at models that fit how you ship the product, whether you use configuration BOMs, and easily misunderstood elements and pitfalls of design.
  • Model granularity – Rick discusses the right level of complexity vs. maintenance and the ability to potentially reuse VC objects across models, covering scalability and usability from the order entry side, and customer maintenance.
  • Engineer-to-Order Products – these can be complex to create, and Rick discusses the many ways to streamline ETO products into your models. Rick covers how these requests can be facilitated, how to notify your teams of orders, and some of the approaches to custom adaptations to order BOMs.  

Rick has been an SAP consultant for more than 12 years, working with SAP AVC/LO-VC, S/4HANA, ABAP, and third-party implementations.


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