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Nov 12, 2019

Leveraging Power BI to Deliver Distributors Sales Performance Data Quickly and Reliably

I was recently working with one of our manufacturing customer’s Regional Sales Managers who is assigned to the highest volume distributors in his territory. He was concerned about sharing data with customers, and making sure it’s only their data, while making it quick...

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Tags: Manufacturing, Microsoft, Power BI, Sales Analytics, Data Analytics

Data is a Manufacturer’s Best Weapon in a Soft Market Economy
Oct 04, 2019

Data is a Manufacturer’s Best Weapon in a Soft Market Economy

With the global impacts of tariffs, key indicators pointing to a slower economy, tightening capital spending, and lack of consumer confidence, all indicators point to a challenging year or two ahead. But from many prior downturns I’ve learned that there are ways to win big in these conditions...

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From Disparate Data to Prescriptive Selling [Webinar]
Sep 04, 2019

From Disparate Data to Prescriptive Selling [Webinar]

Taking manufacturers to the next generation of selling through industry-specific data science rooted in sales enablement best practices. 

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Tags: Analytics, Aftermarket, Actionable Insights, Aftermarket Sales, Data, Sales Analytics, Webinar

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