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Feb 07, 2014

SAP Variant Configuration Tech Tip - About the Group BOM

In the last blog about Variant Configuration, we talked about the variant BOM (or BOM group), which is shared by many materials.  There is, however, another construct in SAP which has a similar name but a different purpose: the group BOM.  In the following article, you will learn what...

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Jan 07, 2014

SAP Variant Configuration Tech Tip - About the variant BOM (or BOM group)

The Bill of Materials (BOM) describes the specific components of a product and is a pivotal element in SAP.  While the BOM is used in many modules and is by itself a time-saver, it can become tedious to maintain one BOM per material variant when there is a huge number of them.  Read on...

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Dec 03, 2013

Moving Variant Table Records in SAP

In the world of variant configuration, it’s useful to know that variant table entries are not set in stone. The position of the different entries can still be changed afterwards. Read on to find out how! When adding new entries to variant tables using transaction CU60, you might...

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Oct 28, 2013

Copying Configurable Materials Using Transaction CUCK

Has creating all those variant configuration materials become a real time-consuming activity in your organization? Read on to find out about a transaction code to copy configurable materials in a quick and straightforward way. When working with variant configuration, it is very common to have...

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Oct 22, 2013

Maximizing the Value of SAP VC

I just returned from this year’s SAP Configuration Work Group Conference at Marco Island.  I received very positive audience feedback on my presentation, “Little Known VC (Variant Configuration) Facts”.  So, given the high level of interest and feedback, I thought...

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Feb 15, 2013

Designing VC Models with Maintenance in Mind

Life will be easier in 6 months ... In designing a model in Variant Configuration there are a hundred small decisions to make about how to structure the data and logic to make the darn thing work. Do I use tables or dependencies? Do I want a few long dependencies, or many short...

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Jan 11, 2013

Solving Configuration Problems with SAP VC Technology

Variant Configuration Multi-Level Design One of the greatest performance benefits seen during my time a VC consultant was with switching from a single-level configuration to multi-level configuration for a multi-sectioned product. In some cases, initial loading time for the model dropped from...

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Jan 06, 2011

The Secret to Making Manual Sales Set Changes

I have preached about the power of Sales Set functionality at CWG Conferences. One of the best features of Sales Sets is the ability for a user to make ad hoc, manual changes to the configurable sale BOM structure. I saw a post on the CWG Forum tonight where a user made these settings but was...

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