Industry Solutions

Choose ready-to-go products that drive value through strategy, implementation, & optimization.

We solve problems and create digital technology solutions for manufacturers every day. With those insights, we’ve identified the most frequent business objectives and created products to help you reach them. These packaged, ready-to-implement models get you to value more quickly with tight, clear pathways to ROI. They leverage our experience, minimize redundancy, and move your key initiatives forward with confidence.

Streamline your Strategy

We’ve packaged best practices developed over 350 implementations into two strategy products that challenge your thinking, help you avoid common pitfalls, and ensure you’re on target at every step to launch. Choose a fast-paced two-day assessment or a deeper six-week value analysis to align your needs and business goals with a methodology proven over decades of problem-solving in the manufacturing industry.

Save steps & drive value during Implementation

eLogic has packaged products that make implementation simpler, faster and more successful. Whether you want to get started with a Field Service or Sales solution, create seamless SAP connections, dive into the Power Platform, improve Quoting, or modernize your CPQ, our suite of industry solutions offer you proven pathways to value.

Stay focused on results with Optimization

Continuous improvement is an industry imperative. We can help you keep optimizing long after implementation and training. With our ROI Maximizer product, you can fine-tune for profitability on an annual, quarterly or monthly schedule. We also have support packages to ensure that your software and change management investments stay aligned with your goals and effective in achieving them.


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