IoT Quick Start

Get connected and transform your business in just two weeks

Not sure where to get started with IoT, connected products, or have a use case that requires rapid prototyping?  In two weeks, we can help you get a smart product connected using the Azure IoT platform for remote monitoring and get you started on a journey for connected services. We’ll help you modify a current product to leverage the Azure IoT SDK client for messaging...or retrofit a connected product to send data to Azure while reviewing IoT security best practices with your team. We set up digital twin representation of key device properties and commands using Azure IoT Hub with telemetry monitoring and alerting from an easily accessible web application. We apply powerful real-time analytics on data from your IoT devices to look for patterns and relationship, transforming your data into actionable insight.

You will soon be able to:

  • Ingest telemetry data and visualize remote monitoring capabilities with web-based dashboard of real-time data
  • Estimate expected commercial deployment and corresponding Azure subscription fees
  • Reference IoT architecture diagrams specific to your environment and use case
  • Understand key Azure IoT services and design patterns
  • Identify key next steps and build the foundation for broader IoT commercial solutions

Tech Components: 

Azure IoT Hub | Time Series Insights | Azure Cosmos DB | Azure Stream Analytics | Remote Monitoring | IoT Central



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