Part Finder™

Help Field Service Technicians to Quickly Identify Unlabeled Parts in the Field.

Increase Productivity + Quality + Efficiency for Field Service Techs.

  • Provide Better Quality Service by ensuring the part is identified accurately the first time 
  • Increase Efficiency by enabling Field Service Techs to directly identify the part while in the field, eliminating the need for the tech to go talk to an expert or visit a warehouse for help in identifying the part 
  • Enable Higher Productivity for Field Service Techs due to time savings and quality assurance, enabling them to service more work orders
  • Address the challenges of shifting demographics by helping with digital knowledge capture  



  • Connects to Product Catalog to Retrieve Part Data 
  • Integrates with Commerce Sites to Easily Reorder Parts 
  • Increases Intelligence with Each Image Capture
  • Multiplatform Support | iOS, Android, Windows

Tech Components:

Azure  Cognitive Services | PowerApps | Custom Vision Recognition Service | Integrated with Dynamics 365 Product Entity



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