Opportunity Smart Score

Prioritize the highest probability opportunities with the greatest expected profit

Harness the power of machine learning and analytics to provide Smart Scoring of opportunity data to increase your win rates and profitability. Through a combination of workshops and offsite development we’ll deliver an analysis of your historical data set, along with an application and tuning of the eLogic Opportunity Smart Score algorithm. We build a pilot Power BI environment for you, as well as provide Power BI Dashboard visualizations outlining customer specific cross-sell recommendations, territory specific new deal recommendations, confidence scoring, and product specific views for top targets. We’ll also provide Power BI knowledge transfer to up to ten end-users. In three to four weeks, our Opportunity Smart Score can have you set up to unlock the power of your historical sales data!

You will soon be able to:

  • Maximize revenue in your territory
  • Achieve a higher win rate by offering products your customers are more likely to purchase
  • Increase profitability with tailored cross-sell and up-sell opportunities for each customer
  • Add value to your customers by recommending the right products when they need them
  • Increase efficiency of your sales staff and capitalize on buying trends
  • Identify top targets for product specific campaigns
  • Leverage Azure Machine Learning, Power BI, and Azure




Smart Score Dashboard (Opportunity Scoring)


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