Actionable Insights & Predictive Analytics

Gain all the insights your data can give you

Data. Every manufacturer gathers it. But are you using yours the way you’d hoped?

It can get overwhelming fast to think about all the places where data can be gathered and applied—your sales pipeline, how and where to deploy sales resources, product configuration, customer relationships, your manufacturing assets, pricing, and inventory. The more you know and can take action in these key areas, the more competitive and profitable you’ll be.


We helped one metal fabricator streamline its quoting process by looking closely at order data and eliminating thousands of outliers. Data analytics helped a global radio maker understand the real opportunity for efficiency was in employee adoption and training. And a pump supplier wanted to better anticipate market needs for specific pump types. Turns out, its own inventory history held the secret to future demand.

These insights may sounds simple. But until you have the right tools, triggers, alerts, integrations and analytics in place, your data won’t reveal them. 

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