Customer Retention Insights

Drive Customer Lifetime Value as a business of its own.

Use Retention Insights to proactively manage your customer relationships and increase customer satisfaction with comprehensive visibility into customer health. Take the next best action for each customer based on their sentiment, needs, business trends, and buying patterns.

Work smarter to drive more value in current customers, not harder on acquisition to make up for lost business because it costs less to retain a customer than to acquire new business. Make Customer Lifetime Value part of your strategy to reduce costs + increase revenue with loyal customers. 


How it helps:

  • See a single view of customer health, including current work + projected business
  • Know your customers’ sentiments + health so you can influence their satisfaction and retain current business
  • Stop declining sales before they hit your bottom line
  • Get ahead of renewal challenges with Renewal Analysis and make it easy for customers to continue to do business with you
  • Identify opportunities to provide your customers with more value

What’s included:

  • Sentiment analysis leveraging Azure Machine Learning
  • Declining sales report
  • KPI dashboard with one comprehensive visual for a given customer
  • Won business report


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