Inventory Optimization

Predict Inventory Demand.

Meet demand systematically by getting exact about managing your products, upstream supplies, and inventory. Think of how optimized your production + delivery processes could be if you knew how much inventory is out on trucks, when your product is delivered, what product is in customer environments, how much product is on order, what your inventory balance is at any point in time. With Inventory Optimization leveraging Azure, you get one view of inventory health consolidated from your ERP, CRM, CPQ, Finance system, and Maintenance + Service records to get ahead of inventory management.


How it helps:

  • Reduce costs through better inventory management
  • Predict inventory requirements
  • Anticipate what inventory needs to be where + when
  • Automate inventory requests from remote areas and assets
  • Ensure orders translate to factory production levels that meet customer demands

What’s included:

  • Inventory dashboard
  • Smart inventory forecast
  • Site (or factory, or warehouse) dashboard


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