Sales Insights

See when bookings will become revenue, and how to accelerate the process.

Get a consolidated, accurate, actionable view of sales pipeline and revenue forecasts. No more guessing or hoping. With probability-based, time-fenced insights about your pipeline, you can streamline budgeting, track progress against forecasts, and make resource and process adjustments for maximum cash flow and reinvestment. The manufacturing business is built on precision. That engineered approach should extend to managing your sales pipeline. Now it can.



How it helps:

  • See current, accurate data from multiple sources, consolidated in one dashboard.
  • Identify the specific actions that will accelerate top deal lifecycles and move bookings to revenue faster.
  • Prioritize based on data and align sales resources with top probability deals
  • Leverage actionable insights based on proven analytics algorithms and industry best practices.
  • Know where you are performing, where you’re missing, and see best next steps to close the gaps

What’s included:

  • Sales Manager Dashboards (Rep to VP)
  • Top Competitors
  • Top Customers
  • Win-Loss Analysis
  • Pipeline Dashboard
  • Territory Goal Dashboards
  • Smart Score, Smart Cart
  • Deal Velocity
  • Strategic Pursuit Battlecard
  • Account + Opportunity Summary Reports


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