Customer Engagement

Strengthen your customer relationships with every interaction.

You have specialists who handle marketing, sales, customer service, channel marketing, and direct sales...You also have automated technology to expedite the details. The Challenge: Keeping track of all your people and applications interacting with all their counterparts on the customer side.

Working with manufacturers for more than 20 years, eLogic has developed and fine-tuned the tools and process guidance you need to see and support those customer interactions intelligently.  By tracking every customer interaction, suggesting best next steps, and providing total transparency to your sales and support operations, we help you meet and exceed customer expectations....all within today’s most flexible software platforms.

Our solutions elegantly bring all your capabilities, data and touch points together so customers who rely on your products get self-service when they want. Or, they can speak directly to you when that’s more productive. Either way, you have a comprehensive 360-degree view of the whole relationship, including predictive analytics to help you know what may be next.

Drive value at every stage with function-specific solutions:


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