Intelligent Marketing

Engage your markets and customers, from lead to consideration to close.

It’s time to empower your marketing teams to fully manage assets, data, activities, and events in a way that aligns directly with intelligent sales. With Dynamics 365 for Sales integrated with Adobe Experience Manager and your ERP for data exchange, you can have a full suite of knowledge-based, integrated, and flexible tools that cover the full range of marketing activities.

Deliver integrated views into Marketing and Selling performance across the entire demand creation cycle for more powerful insights & impact. With insights and analytics from multiple internal and external sources, you can take tailored action on accurate and up to date intelligence on markets, accounts, and territories. 


How it helps:

  • Eliminate information silos across Sales + Marketing
  • Experience the full range of campaign, asset, and lead management
  • Allow automated systems support and sophisticated analytics capabilities

What’s included:

  • Sales Excellence Starter Kit
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales
  • Adobe Experience Manager integrated to Dynamics 365
  • ERP integration and data exchange
  • Views, dashboards and reports


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