Intelligent Selling

Engage your markets and customers, from lead to consideration to close.

Guide the selling process with better information and more insight -- put powerful, automated support behind every salesperson and channel. Leverage a full suite of flexible, knowledge-based tools at work for your enterprise, covering every stage of your selling process. With a 360-degree view of customer activity -- from initial contact to consideration all the way to order closure -- you always know the latest interaction on every account and exactly where each sale stands. 


How it helps:

  • Eliminate classic CRM shortfalls -- integrate all selling activities into user-based roles, and connect them seamlessly to your enterprise systems.
  • See all customer and channel activities, tailored to the needs of users by role.
  • Access relationship insights and multi-source data on accounts and competition to ensure up-to-date account strategies and plans.
  • Leverage Machine Learning and automation to enhance results based on trends and historical data/activities.

What’s included:

  • Sales Excellence Starter Kit
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales


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