Lifecycle & Aftermarket Service

Think of your product lifecycle as a new sales cycle

As a manufacturer, you have long-term responsibility and sales opportunity. Your products are out in the world, but your job isn’t over. For preventive maintenance, updates, repairs, parts, and sometimes replacement.

Today, monitoring the life of your products is easier than ever. You already know the industrial internet of things (IIoT) is real. But you may not know just how helpful it can be.  There are RFID tags on high-pressure valves in oil yards. Shipping containers reporting location, temperature, and stability data from the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Airplane parts tracking their own time- and usage-based maintenance records and checking in at every airport.

We make your field service teams smarter, predictive maintenance programs more accurate and efficient, product performance monitoring more comprehensive and effective, and equipment usage optimization that drive future product innovation.

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