Predictive Maintenance

Anticipate and respond intelligently to every product alert.

Connecting devices and equipment isn’t enough. What you do with the data coming in makes a difference in the marketplace. Predictive Maintenance gives you competitive and cost advantages. It enables intelligent, proactive responses to data coming from your connected devices.

Now you can anticipate and plan for maintenance activities, reducing costs by replacing parts before they fail. Outpace potential competition through greater customer satisfaction and loyalty, locking in ongoing service revenue.


How it helps:

  • Respond faster to service alerts and opportunities 
  • Reduce costs by enabling field technicians to be better prepared for every call      
  • Maximize revenue by minimizing unnecessary calls and performing maintenance when the data says it’s warranted, before there’s a critical event    
  • Preempt the competition -- use data and alerts to lock in loyalty and stay ahead of competitive threats   
  • Suggest new products based on maintenance history and trends

What’s included:

  • Dynamics 365 for Field Service -- proven platform for field service connectivity
  • Azure IoT Suite -- market-leading cloud-based offering gives you confidence and security
  • Logic Apps -- automate business-critical workflows and connectivity to Azure, without writing code
  • Machine Learning -- enables your models and responses to become smarter over time


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