Product Performance Monitoring

Optimize efficiency by fully understanding performance.

Get the real-time and aggregated equipment data you and your team need to improve efficiency, throughput and utilization. By monitoring the critical performance indicators of distributed equipment, you can understand what’s working, what’s inefficient, and where the strongest opportunities for improvement exist.

Not only does performance monitoring enable you to continually improve the efficiency of your products, even from remote locations, it boosts customer satisfaction with increased uptime.


How it helps:

  • Reduce human error -- with real-time data feeds to your ERP, there’s less need for your team to manually measure or interpret performance indicators
  • Improve responsiveness -- if there’s an equipment performance problem, you know sooner so you can respond quicker
  • Increase your ability to remotely access and fix problems -- performance monitoring technologies can also include controls, enabling remote access and optimization

What’s included:

  • Dynamics 365 for Field Service -- proven platform for field service connectivity
  • Azure IoT Suite -- market-leading cloud-based offering gives you confidence and security
  • Logic Apps -- automate business-critical workflows and connectivity to Azure, without writing code
  • Machine Learning -- enables your models and responses to become smarter over time


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