Usage Optimization

Make every product generation better.

Your product engineering and plant engineering teams are always looking for ways to optimize your manufacturing equipment, your process and the end-product. With intelligent guidance based on real-time data, you can further enhance efficiency and throughput from connected equipment and devices.

Long gone are design iterations based solely on qualitative customer comments or third-party industry observations. Today you can know exact performance and data points, quickly analyze that information and ascertain insights from it, and design for optimal improvement.


How it helps:

  • Get real-time and aggregated data on your distributed equipment to improve product design and quality
  • Provide product teams with ‘big data’ and advanced analytics to design new solutions and enhance product/service offerings
  • Improve responsiveness to problems with equipment and design solutions to prevent them

What’s included:

  • MS Dynamics 365 Service--proven platform for field service connectivity
  • Azure IOT Suite--market-leading cloud-based offering gives you confidence and security
  • Logic Apps--automate business-critical workflows and connectivity to Azure, without writing code
  • Machine learning--enables your models and responses to become smarter over time


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