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Drive high-impact business outcomes with StratMFG, our industry-proven strategic framework

Any successful technology implementation needs to be driven by sound strategic thinking. Over our decades of experience, eLogic developed StratMFG, a proven framework of strategic tools and processes that efficiently defines a personalized path to ROI for every customer we partner with. Informed by industry-specific benchmarks and fueled by fact-based prioritization of opportunities, our strategic methodology gets you to the best answers, fast.

Activate the eLogic strategy framework as a fast-paced two-day workshop or more thorough six-week value analysis.

StratMFG Fast Start

If you’re interested in an introductory exploration of your best strategic opportunities, this two-day high-impact assessment will help you quickly define specific gaps and identify the highest value initiatives going forward. You’ll come away with a clear picture of the best first steps you can take to get started in the right direction.

  • Quickly get to the gaps and specific opportunities digital tools can deliver
  • With just a few concentrated on-site workshopping sessions you gain the benefit of decades of eLogic experience
  • Walk away with several actionable paths that will make a business difference without disrupting your whole business

Ready for a fast start?


StratMFG Deep Dive

If you’ve identified digital transformation as a high priority, this six-week value analysis will guide you to the best possible decisions. Our six-week strategic value analysis is three layers deep across process, data, and technology. Together, we will work though our comprehensive six-step thought process, resulting in a fact-based, value-driven roadmap to digital transformation and stronger competitive advantage.

  • Gain insights about your business you may not have thought were possible
  • Unleash the synergies of your team’s institutional knowledge and our team’s manufacturing enterprise expertise
  • Take your next steps with the highest level of confidence, built on due diligence, global best practices, and a trusted transformation partner

Ready to go deep?


The six-step StratMFG Process


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