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Configuration Matters

Differentiation is the key to avoiding commoditization of your specialized products and services...and the key to differentiation without the historical costs, cycle time delays, and error rates lies in your ability to master product guidance and configuration that meets your sales channel and customer needs. Differentiation matters.

Product guidance and configuration are in our DNA. eLogic was founded to enable manufacturers to capture, manage and deploy their highest intelligence in product guidance into previously unreachable sales channels and customer experiences. We started with the first internet based configuration technologies, added our depth in SAP configuration technologies and today have mastered the ‘who’s who’ of technology capabilities.

We offer the strategy, implementation, training and support you need to gain the best of these technologies.  Next generation configuration technologies make it possible to provide a great experience across all sales and information channels.



eLogic has been a recognized leader in SAP product configuration for nearly twenty years.  We have deployed hundreds of solutions that leverage the robust configurator and commerce functionality of SAP.  Until 2018, there had been sizable gaps in the SAP CPQ product portfolio that often required eLogic to include third party applications and customizations to achieve the desired customer experience.  With SAP’s acquisition of CallidusCloud, new services in the SAP Cloud Platform, and native integration between them, we can now develop even more robust solutions in a fraction of the former cost and time. 
eLogic is among the first partners working with SAP CPQ, and we are building solutions that integrate CPQ with the SAP variant configurator, Sales Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and a range of CRM applications including Microsoft Dynamics 365.  We are working with several leading-edge companies to incorporate SAP CPQ into their digital roadmap and strategy.



Oracle CPQ

eLogic was there at the beginning of BigMachines, one of the most successful and powerful internet based product selectors and configurators. From the day when we brought them their first customer and implemented many of the largest and most challenging solutions - we’ve maintained a core competency in this technology. Today, rebranded as Oracle CPQ, this solution remains a go-to favorite for manufacturers; and we remain the go-to experts in leveraging it to its fullest potential.

Our "Playbook" of best practices for Oracle CPQ always elevates our customers’ capabilities beyond what the generalists can provide.
We offer over 50 functional advantages often overlooked in Oracle CPQ upgrades and implementations.

3rd Party CPQ Platforms

With more than 50 named CPQ products on the market, how would any manufacturer navigate this field to find the most appropriate technologies for their needs?  ...The truth is that most do not, and many make costly and risky mistakes.

eLogic has evaluated more than 20 different technologies for our customers, and have helped many to select the perfect fit for their needs. Our evaluation templates include over 200 business and technical capabilities. 

The end result has been that we are the preferred partner for many of the top CPQ technology providers who fit the SAP and Microsoft Dynamics platforms. This remains a ‘don’t try this at home’ market. We’re here to help.



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