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The Power of Integration Technologies

In our experience, the single greatest mistakes made in large-scale technology programs is the wasted cost, effort, and time spent on weak or incorrect systems integrations. Many companies rely upon the promises of ‘middleware’ software vendors as a panacea to connect their applications. In reality, the success of system to system data and transaction integration lies in the correct and proper definition of the types of integration that will best meet business needs. These are often overlooked as they require a clear business model for evaluation of the types of data, the volume, frequency and rates of change of data, and the user experiences supported in various transaction sets. Mistakes in this evaluation and design ripple through the entire life cycle of these systems – and often undermine otherwise successful projects – and add unmaintainable elements to their support. See how we have helped our customers to fully understand and then implement the right integration solutions.

Microsoft Azure

The new cloud-based integration suite from Microsoft brings together all of the elements necessary for the full range of systems integration needs. By providing an integrated suite of data communications, storage and logic capabilities in a fast and affordable cloud offering, Microsoft has taken the cost and worry out of these integrations. 

SAP PI, BAPI, Netweaver

For customers who have already built extensive systems integration capabilities in the native SAP environment, we offer a full range of support for PI-based middleware that leverages SAP’s published BAPI’s, Netweaver and iDoc capabilities.

3rd Party Middleware

For customers who have implemented their enterprise integration on one of the major middleware software products, we bring the experience with most of the well-recognized tools.  These include SCRIBE, BizTalk, TIBCO, WebMethods, Jitterbit, KingswaySoft, Mulesoft, and others.  The key to success with these solutions lies in our ability to handle the data and logic transforms that make integration successful.


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